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eWaste Starts Before You Throw Electronics Away

eWaste Carbon Credit (eWasteCC™) is a unique web-based software solution that improves your organization’s bottom line by managing energy and material waste from electronic equipment.

eWasteCC™ can help you:
  • Reduce operating expenses associated with inefficient and improperly utilized electronics
  • Recover maximum value from electronics at end-of-life
  • Quantify the environmental benefits of proper electronics recycling, which can further support your Social Responsibility and Sustainability objectives
  • Monetize these environmental benefits in the form of Carbon Credits

eWasteCC™ is part of the broader SMARTweb™platform, which provides organizations with auditable reports of resources consumed and expended by an organization—including energy, water, waste, transport, carbon, and natural gas—alongside specific recommendations for improving performance.

eWasteCC™ + SMARTweb™ provides a verifiable way for your organization to:
  • Evaluate and demonstrate ROI in energy efficiency and resource reduction initiatives
  • Gain insight and transparency into carbon and resource liabilities and potential assets
  • Manage, track, and report environmental impact to a variety of agencies and protocols
  • Create new revenue streams (e.g., by documenting energy or emission reductions for carbon trading)

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