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12/4/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Investment In US Operations And Expansion In India

11/19/14 E-Waste Systems Files 3rd Quarter 2014 Results

11/5/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Reverse Stock Split

10/10/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Expansion Of Recycling Operations In The UK

9/4/14 E-Waste Systems Restructures Expanded China Operations

8/27/14 E-Waste Systems Overview Of Business Units

8/20/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Second Quarter 2014 Results

8/12/14 E-Waste Systems Overview Of Recent SEC Filings

7/4/14 E-Waste Systems Recruiting Campaign 2014

6/19/14 E-Waste Systems Announces US Corporate Expansion

6/16/14 Q&A For The Recent Public Interviews (interview 1)(interview 2)

6/16/14 Video Interview With MergerMarket

6/12/14 E-Waste Systems Public Interviews

6/3/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Participation To Local E-Waste Collection Events

5/21/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Record 1st Quarter 2014 Results

5/21/14 Open Letter to Shareholders

4/30/14 E-Waste Systems & Ohio Valley Goodwill Celebrate Inaugural Earth Day Electronics Recycling Event

4/23/14 Open Letter to Shareholders

4/3/14 E-Waste Systems Selects Companywide Management Information & Accounting System

4/1/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Creation of Disclosure Committee

3/21/14 E-Waste Systems Opens State-of-the-Art Recycling Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio

3/13/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Partnership with Green Initiatives to Build Non-Profit E-Waste Recycling Program in Shanghai

3/11/14 E-Waste Systems Partners with Top E-Waste Recycling and Engineering Firm, Loyalty Equipment Making Co. (Sichuan)

3/7/14 E-Waste Systems Appoints International Audit Firm, RBSM LLP

3/6/14 E-Waste Systems Invites Public to Grand Opening of State-of-the-art Recycling Facility

3/4/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Corporate Expansion

2/27/14 E-Waste Systems Signs Joint Venture Project with NRT to Develop State-of-the-Art Sorting Facility

2/13/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Opening Of New Plant In Ohio

2/6/14 E-Waste Systems Signs $30,000,000 Contract

1/28/14 Shareholders Public Conference Call (Transcription) (Download MP3)

1/23/14 E-Waste Systems Continues Aggressive Expansion In China

1/14/14 E-Waste Systems Appoints International Audit Firm, MaloneBailey LLP

1/8/14 E-Waste Systems Announces Upcoming Shareholders Conference Call

12/12/13 Q&A Session With EWSI CEO

12/9/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Closing Of Transaction With 2TRG

11/27/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Record Results For 3rd Quarter 2013

11/5/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Preliminary Record 3rd Quarter And Year End Revenue Guidance for 2013

10/16/13 Open Letter to Shareholders

10/8/13 E-Waste Systems Enters Into Public Agreement In India

9/26/13 E-Waste Systems Extends Its Global Brand

9/19/13 Recorded Interview with TheStockRadio (Download MP3) (Original Link)

9/19/13 E-Waste Systems CEO Interview with TheStockRadio

9/13/13 E-Waste Systems Questions from Shareholders and Answers from CEO

9/13/13 E-Waste Systems Public Interview

9/10/13 E-Waste Systems Deepens Commitment to E-Commerce Recycling Marketplace

9/3/13 E-Waste Systems Enters Africa

8/26/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Record 2nd Quarter 2013 Results

8/15/13 E-Waste Systems Launches Commercial Expansion of eWasteCC™

8/14/13 E-Waste Systems Issues Invitation to Public Launch of eWasteCC™

8/12/13 E-Waste Systems Launches Commercial Expansion of eWasteCC™

8/8/13 E-Waste Systems Enters E-Commerce Recycling Marketplace

8/6/13 E-Waste Systems Launches South America Venture

8/1/13 Invitation to Public Launch of eWasteCC

8/1/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Global Rollout of Carbon Credit Technology for eWaste

7/31/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Executive Share Exchange Plan

7/24/13 Public Business Plan and Financing Summary: Summer 2013 Update

7/24/13 E-Waste Systems Signs Financing Terms for 2TRG

7/18/13 Open Letter to Shareholders and Stakeholders

7/16/13 E-Waste Systems Launches Caribbean Initiative

7/11/13 E-Waste Systems in the Media

7/9/13 E-Waste Systems to Acquire eStewards & R2 Recycler 2TRG

7/2/13 E-Waste Systems Enters Mexico

6/25/13 Mergermarket Article on EWSI

6/24/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Closing of Surf Acquisition

6/20/13 E-Waste Systems Announces India Expansion Initiative

6/18/13 E-Waste Systems Announces Completion of the First Carbon Credit Technology for eWaste

5/14/13 E-Waste Systems Enters Australia with 1800eWaste

5/7/13 E-Waste Systems Acquires California e-Waste Firm

4/23/13 E-Waste Systems Celebrates Earth Week with Free Electronics Recycling Event on April 27

3/28/13 Transcript of Interview with Martin Nielson, CEO

3/12/13 E-Waste Systems Launches Carbon Credit Initiative with Village Green Global

2/27/13 E-Waste Systems Signs Master License for United Kingdom

2/14/13 E-Waste Systems Opens First Office in Shanghai

2/6/13 E-Waste Systems Signs $800,000 Investment and Master License Agreement for China

1/16/13 E-Waste Systems Signs Master Franchise in UK

1/9/13 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Provides Corporate Update

9/20/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Provides Corporate Update from E-Scrap Conference in Dallas, TX

9/19/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Joins Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator

8/23/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Provides Corporate Update

7/18/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent for Acquisition of Logistics Solutions Company

6/21/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Adds Industry Veteran Steve Manning to its Advisory Board

6/20/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent for Strategic Multi-Facility Acquisition

6/14/12 E-Waste Systems (EWSI) Announces It Has Signed a Letter of Intent for Its Lead Acquisition in Southeast USA

6/13/12 E-Waste Systems (EWSI) Announces That Larry Magor Has Been Elected Chairman of the Board

6/12/12 E-Waste Systems Announces Readiness to Proceed with Next Steps in Strategy

5/10/12 E-Waste Systems (EWSI) Announces Appointment of Oracle Capital as Investment Bankers

5/2/12 In Conjunction with Earth Week, E-Waste Systems (EWSI) Announces Expansion of Free E-Waste Recycling with Tech Columbus

4/11/12 E-Waste Systems CEO Martin Nielson Provides Industry Commentary in Clean Energy Pipeline in Advance of Earth Day

3/22/12 E-Waste Systems, Inc. Completes Earnout for Tech Disposal, Inc. Acquisition via Stock Transaction

2/15/12 E-Waste Systems Enters Into Agreement with CR Electronics

2/14/12 E-Waste Systems Enters Into Agreement with Zak Enterprises

1/18/12 E-Waste Systems Secures DTC Eligibility for Shares