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EWSI leverages its affiliates' complementary geographies, technical capabilities, and strong supplier relationships to expand the services offered to customers, cross-fertilize best management practices, streamline logistics, aggregate volumes, deploy state-of-the-art engineering, and provide a truly global e-waste solution.

The expertise, experience, and relationships of the EWSI senior management team, particularly in the application of scale cost reductions, business development, and technology implementation is a key differentiator.

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Affiliation Benefits

Members of the EWSI network benefit from access to:

  • Vast global network of high quality end-of-life electronics service providers
  • Fast growing international brand recognition
  • Broad customer base, including some of the largest corporations in the world and major government agencies
  • Market-leading knowledge base of e-waste engineering, technologies, and consulting services
  • Low cost Fair Trade demanufacturing in Latin America and soon in Europe and China
  • Proprietary data, technology, and R&D
  • Investment in the development of other e-waste companies